Caribbean Countries with the Best Startups

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

WHO will Be the top Caribbean Startup to Watch in 2019? We have a total of 19 startups Startups have between 3-5 minutes to pitch their idea.  Judges with discuss and score. Audience can chime in via claps, laughs and cheers. Only judges will be allowed to ask questions. Startups can bring as many people for their cheering section. At the end of the conference the top 3 Caribbean Startups will be announced. What do they get out of it? Check here

The Jamaican economy has been ranked fifth overall in a global study of the regulations and requirements necessary to start a business. The study – conducted by Reboot Digital Agency using data from the World Bank Group – found that Jamaica’s start-up economy has also improved over the past year

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Jamaica has been named as one of the best countries in which to found a business according to the British SEO firm. Reboot Digital Agency’s recent study analyzed 119 countries and ranked them on a number of criteria including the number of procedures (i.e., licenses and permits), the time it takes, and the costs for a small-medium sized limited liability company to start up and formally operate in the country’s largest business city.

Jamaica came out in fifth place with a score of 97.3%, up 0.57 on the previous analysis. In the top spot this year was New Zealand with a near perfect score of 99.96, followed by Canada, Hong Kong, and Georgia. The rest of the top 10 was made up of Singapore, Australia, Ireland, South Korea, and Kosovo. 

Kingston has been dubbed the Caribbean’s leading tech and outsourcing hub, boasting a number of start-up initiatives and incubators. The Jamaican capital was recently named Nearshore City of the Year at the Nexus 2018 event held in San Francisco earlier this year. The award solidified Kingston’s status as the next king of outsourcing in the Caribbean. 

“Jamaica has been working at this for a long time, and we have one of the greatest BPO [sectors] in the world,” Claude Duncan, Vice President at JAMPRO Trade and Investments Jamaica said. “We are on a mission to let people know that Jamaica is more than tourism.”


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